Image Uploads

Firstly if your unsure PLEASE ASK and we will try to help.

Direct to Garment printers are larger industrial purpose made versions of an Inkjet printer and will produce high quality prints. However they can only output the quality that is sent to it.

If your file is blurry and low quality that is how it will be printed on the t-shirt. The site software will display warnings when the file quality is low. But if your file is high resolution but the image is pixelated the system will not be able to detect the issue.

Before uploading please zoom in to check you are happy with the image quality.

File Quality

Your design needs to be created with a resolution of atleast 200-300ppi to ensure sharp edges. The file diamensions if possible at actual print size or no smaller than 15x15cm. Our Kornit DTG machines print at high resoloution and the end product can only be as good as the file information sent.

Approx Max Print Area

Adults: 32x42cm
Women/Kids: 25x25cm


What you see when you add your design to one of our garments is how it will print. If you can see an unwanted background that is how it will print. Photoshop or the free program 'Gimp' that is detailed below have 'Magic Wand and Magic Eraser tools to aid removing the background. Once you remove the background and you will see your design blend with the garment on the site preview.

File Type

Please create and save in RGB and not CMYK if possible. Transparent .png files are perfect because you can see the non prinitng areas when ordering. If you upload an image with a Black background for a Black t-shirt our machines will print the same as your order conformation ie; a black box around the design. With the background removed only your design will be printed. This way 'Wysiwyg'. File types: Raster (PNG, JPG, TIFF), Vector, Corel

Free Photo Editing Software and Affordable Design and File Help.

Free alternative to Photoshop

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. This Free program shares many featues of Photoshop and is available on Windows and Apple Mac.

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Affordable design and file help at Fiverr

Got an idea for a design but you are unable to do it?, Need a file saving into our prefered format? Fiverr.com is a great place full of Artists and Designers who provide these services at affordable prices. Most of the sellers on Fiverr offer 24hr turnaround and there are plenty to choose from.

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