What is DTG - Direct to Garment Printing

DTG-Direct to Garment Printing is a faily new and developing decoration method for printing t-shirts and other compatible garments. Unlike Screen Printing, Direct to Garment Printing offers the ability to print full colour hi-resolution images onto t-shirts without design colour or order quantity restrictions associated with Screen Printing. 

DTG Printing is an industrial version of your home or office inkjet printer that also has the ability to print white and colour ink onto t-shirts and other fabric. As DTG Machines utilize high resoution digital printheads it can achive very high detail on photographs and designs alike.

The main advantage for the DTG Printing method compared to Screen Printing is it's possible to print even 1 full colour design onto a garment without the screen origination and setup costs of Screen Printing.

DTG Print

Why we print using a Kornit DTG-Direct to Garment System

Quality Soft Prints

Our Kornit DTG system prints eco friendly water based Inks. Using hi-resolution industrial grade inkjet printheads.

Kornit DTG printing systems use its unique patented wet on wet printing system that leaves the garment soft with no marking and retail ready.

We have over 30 years experience in the t-shirt industry and decided Kornit systems left the garment in it's best possible state.

No Heat Press Marks

As our Kornit system has patented advantages over all other DTG printing equipment as the garments do not need the use of a heat press during the process.

On other DTG systems a heat press is used to flatten the t-shirt fibres and cure the fixation used to fuse the ink to the fabric.

This can leave a visable box where the t-shirt has been heat pressed and can cause the fabric to become stiff and mark seams..

Heat Press Marks
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