T-shirt printing

T-shirt Printing

Our T-shirt Printing experience stretches back to the 80's and there have been a lot of changes to the industry.

With the development of DTG (Direct to Garment printing) it has made it possible to order printed t-shirts in quanties from one.

Before DTG the options were Screen Printing and transfers. With Screen Printing there always had to be a minimum order of t-shirts to make it cost effective to produce the order. Screen Printing is ideal for t-shirt order with designs of approx 3 colours and t-shirt quantity of 50+

DTG & Screen Printing are our prefered methods for t-shirt printing for quality long lasting prints.

T-shirt Quality

As with any printing process the surface and texture are very important for the finished product.

All of our available garments have been chosen for printing for their suitability for the DTG and or Screen Printing process.

Our T-shirts & products are from industry leading manufacrurers to guarantee quality T-shirt Printing.

Design Creation

The quality of the design file created for a t-shirt printing order will reflect on the quality of the final product.

Our printing methods can handle h-res sharp images and these will give the best results. 

If you create your design at around 28cm and 300ppi, that will be sufficient to scale the design to the print size and keep 

File Type

Please create and save in RGB and not CMYK if possible. Transparent .png files are perfect because you can see the non prinitng areas when ordering. If you upload an image with a Black background for a Black t-shirt our machines will print the same as your order conformation ie; a black box around the design. With the background removed only your design will be printed. This way 'Wysiwyg'

T-shirt Printing Methods we use

Direct To Garment

Direct to Garment printing method is a failry new and developing T-shirt Printing method.

Direct to Garment is an Industrial Ink Jet technology and is version of home/office Ink jet machines. With many of the early machines based on home/office Epson printers.

DTG machines have been specially designed to print directly onto fabric, along side special inks and required pretreatments.

DTG has changed the T-shirt Printing market by removing the volume and set-up requirements of Screen Priting.

It is now possible to have one t-shirt printed with a full colour design as the process is digital.

Direct to garment has also opened up opportunities in selling t-shirts and other garments using Drop Shipping. Have a look at our Free Drop Shipping options via our Free websites and fundraising campaigns.
More information here.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is where it all began back in 1987.

The process of getting your designs onto t-shirts is more time consuming and  labour intensive with Screen Printing. But once setup it Screen Printing is faster and ideal for reducing the cost per t-shirt with bulk orders.

For each colour in your design we need to produce a separate silk screen. This consists of frame that has fine mesh stretched onto it. The mesh is then coated with a light sensitive emulsion to receive the design. Each colour in your design is separated and printed black on to a transparent film to create the stencil

Light is shone through the stencil onto the coated screen, and where the black in the film stops the light hitting the light sensitive emulsion leaves the emulsion soft in these areas. As the screen is washed with water the soft emulsion washes out leaving the stencil.

Screen Printing also opens up the possibility of speciality inks and efffects dependant on quantity.

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